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MyCare Advantage

What better way to complement an existing health care plan or enrich a PHSP than with an exclusive insurance product that puts the renowned medical services of Mayo Clinic in affordable reach of Canadians.

If you are enrolled as a member of your Employer's MyCare Health Benefit Option (HBO) Group Plan, you qualify for a special Group rate for MyCare Advantage Insurance.

MyCare Advantage is health insurance that provides coverage for serious illness and major orthopaedic conditions occurring after enrollment of the MyCare HBO Group Plan. With MyCare Advantage, costs for medical treatment at the appropriate Mayo Clinic facility and all related travel costs are covered.

MyCare Advantage premiums are eligible for Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) and Health Spending Account (HSA) tax deductions and coverage is provided to age 75. Subject to a pre-existing condition clause*.

MyCare Quick Facts

  • No medical exam required
  • No co-payments or deductibles charged
  • Travel expenses included in coverage
  • Available to all Canadians up to age 75
  • Eligible tax deduction into a PHSP
  • Pre-existing conditions clause* in effect

MyCare Features

  • Receive review of diagnosis, or assistance in achieving diagnosis, in the face of serious illness or major orthopaedic condition, directly from Mayo Clinic.
  • Obtain additional testing, including MRI or CAT scan, within Canada or in the United States if mandated, to confirm diagnosis.
  • Receive treatment at one of three Mayo Clinic campuses.
  • Attain consult from Mayo Clinic team on difficult to diagnose conditions; where no diagnosis has been achieved in Canada within 60 days from first appointment with specialist.

*Pre-existing condition means a condition for which medical care, treatment, services, medication, diagnosis, diagnostic test or consultation prior to the Insured Person's effective date of coverage or prior to the effective date of any benefit that is added to existing coverage. Major exclusions include congenital conditions, chronic conditions, related medical conditions and bariatric surgery.